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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This was a little too close to home...

I just read in today's paper that the Chevron at the bottom of the hill from my house had an armed robbery last Sunday morning. Seems a couple buddies with expensive, illicit pharmaceutical habits found themselves in need of cash to reimburse their pharmacists and so decided to relieve the cashier of some ill-gotten petroleum price-gouging profits. Apparently they had a car, a shotgun and almost enough of a plan.

They did get away, for a time but a citizen got a good description of the car and the license number. By Tuesday, the sworn officers of the law had located the culprits at mom's house of one of the dimbulbs and after a few minutes of hide and seek, the two were arrested. Money, the shotgun, shells and drugs were recovered.

So, thanks go out to Ogden's finest and the observant citizenry too. This Chevron is just 5 blocks from my house and I pass it every time I leave the house. Having armed robbers operating that close to the home front is just a little too close for comfort...

I wonder what the BSU might have to say about this.

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